Wiki Links: Link Building with Wiki Sites

Wiki sites are sites that allow its visitors to add, change or even delete page content. Due to the participation of users, popular wiki pages stay content rich at all times. Google bot practically resides on some popular wiki sites to constantly crawl new content added. It is only natural that Google will put more weight on pages of this kind.

If traditional link building methods are not enough to rank your site due its heavy competitive niche, wikilinks can add new variety to your link building campaign and provide you that competitive edge.

Our Specialities:

  • Custom built Wiki pages
  • Build wiki links with all unique wiki sites
  • Dofillow Wikilinks that Google follows and counts (most wikilinks providers build links on nofollow wiki sites that are no good for ranking)
  • Competitive pricing

Build links with highly valued wiki sites. Give your ranking a massive boost with our Wiki Links.

Not only we are providing you highly valued wikilinks, we added some high authority EDU/GOV (educational and government site links) to some of our packages along with profile links to make our wiki packages lot stronger than any other wikilink packages you will find out there. More varieties we add to the mix, better benefit we rip from our link building campaign.

Wiki Links Packages

Services Package1 Package2 Package3 Package4
Wiki Links 150 150 900 1050
Wiki Sites 50 50 300 350
Page Rank PR0 - PR5 PR0 - PR5 PR0 - PR6 PR0 - PR6
Unique Article Writing *
EDU/GOV Links 25 50 100
Social Bookmarks 50 100 200 300
Forum Profiles - Layer 1** 250 2,000 4,000
Forum Profiles - Layer 2** 4,500 4,000 10,000
Link Indexing ***
Timeframe 7 Days 7 Days 10 Days 10 Days
One Time Cost $65 $259 $329 $453

* For package 1, 2 and 3, we write one unique article and submit it to 50 - 300 wiki sites with 3 links per page. For package 4, we write 2 unique articles and submit them to 350 unique wiki sites.

** Just building links is not enough these days. Most important part of link building is to get them indexed by Google so that you get credit for the backlinks. We build forum profile links in 2 layers where layer 1 links are used to link to your wiki pages and layer 2 links are used to link to your layer 1 profiles. This multi-tiered profile links will ensure maximum indexing of your links and will build a strong link profile for you.

*** We ping each and every single links to multiple pinging sites to make sure Google bot crawls your links for indexing.

Need to add variety to your link building campaign?
With our wiki links packages, now you can!

Why should you try our wiki links service?

In these recent days of extreme competition, online marketing is not what it used to be few years ago. Competitors are using various different link building methods to rank their sites and at the same time to outrank your site. To gain competitive edge, you will need some link building methods that are not being used by just about everyone. Methods that are valued by Google; methods that offer quality links that many people don't even know of. Our wiki packages can offer you just that

Dofollow Wiki Links

While there are some wiki links service providers out there building links for their clients on wiki sites, most of them are building links using automated tools on sites that are nofollow. Which means rel="nofollow" attribute added by the wiki sites to the external links making Google NOT to follow the links to your site. We spent lot of time and labor to put together our wiki site list handpicking only sites that offer dofollow links. If Google cannot follow the links, they will not credit you for that link meaning your link building efforts and money spent are going right down the drain. With our wiki packages, you get links that Google follow and give you credit for.