Monthly Link Building Services

We offer monthly link building services meaning we keep building backlinks to your site month after month so that you don't have to ever worry about building a single more link to your site anymore. You manage your business and take care of your clients - let us take care of your entire link building campaign for you. Its like link building on auto pilot -- you subscribe to a package that suites your need and watch your ranking and traffic grow.

Link building is not a one time job. Those days of submitting to couple of hundred link directories and article directories to get a site ranked are over. Google these days is lot more focused than ever before to deliver relevant search results in an attempt to promote positive user experience. To do so, Google only ranks sites high that are content rich and have backlinks that look natural.

To make your link building campaign look natural, you will need to build links on a daily/monthly basis. In other words, you will need to run an ongoing SEO or monthly SEO campaign. Google new algorithm looks for 100% whitehat natural backlinks therefore building links one time or for a short period of time will not keep your site ranked high. To maintain higher ranking, you will need to continuously build links otherwise your competitors who are building links will catch up with you in no time.

Services Package1 Package2 Package3 Package4 Package5
Directory Submision 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000
Social Bookmarks 100 100 200 300 400
Web 2.0 Pages 5 10 10 15 20
Article Writing 4 8 8 8 16
Article Submission 4 x 350 8 x 350 8 x 350 8 x 350 16 x 350
Forum Profiles L1 250 2,000 2,000
Forum Profiles L2 4,500 5,000 12,000
Wiki Links 150 150
EDU Links 25+ 50+ 75+
Link Indexing
RSS Feed
Individual Cost $359 $641 $887 $1,169 $1,744
Monthly Subcription $266 $475 $622 $799 $1,099
Package Discount 26% 26% 30% 32% 37%


Individual cost is the cost of the items priced individually as you will find under Individual Services section. Monthly Subscription is your cost for the package.

Directory Submission

We manually submit your site to top quality link directories under proper categories. Directory submission is a one time engagement that is done only during month 1. Rest of the services are performed on a monthly basis.

Social Bookmarks

We bookmark your site to social bookmarking sites giving you social links.

Web 2.0 Pages

We build blog pages on high PR (page rank) web 2.0 properties with 100% unique copyscape passed articles linking to your site.

Article Writing

SEO optimized unique 500 words article writing that we use for submitting to article directories.

Article Submission

Each article is submitted to 350 article directories.

Forum profile layer 1

For package 1, 2 and 3, you can direct the forum profile links to your main site. For package 4 and 5, we suggest that you spread these massive amounts of links to the web 2.0 pages, wiki pages and EDU links that we build for you along with your main site. This way you don't get too many links going to your main site in a short period of time and at the same time, you boost the link popularity of the backlinks we build for you. Building backlinks to your backlinks is an advanced link building technique that gives your site the competitive edge.

Forum profile layer 2

For package 4 and 5, we build 5000 -- 10000 forum profiles linking to your forum profiles built on Layer 1. This will give your layer 1 forum profiles high index rate with Google and boost the link popularity of your layer 1 profile links. End result is multi-tiered backlinks which will look natural in Google's eyes and will further boost your link popularity.


Who doesn't know Wikipedia! Following the success of Wikipedia, lot more wiki sites came into existence and not many websites owners are using this amazing link building opportunity yet. Wiki sites are considered as high authority sites due its capability of end user interaction. Links from dofollow wiki sites are extremely precious and should be part of any link building campaign. 150 links are built on 50 unique wiki sites with 3 links per page. We write a unique SEO optimized article focusing on your keywords and use that article to build links on wiki sites which gives you relevant contextual links.

EDU Links

EDU links are links from educational institution domains (college, university) which are known as .EDU domains. Google considers EDU sites as high authority sites so links from such sites are very valuable.

Link Indexing

We ping the built links to top pinging sites on a scheduled interval to ensure higher indexing. Most link building service providers will just build links but we do a lot of work on the background to make sure that your links do get indexed. After all, what good is a link if it is never found by Google?

RSS Feed

We build RSS feeds with your links and submit the feed to top RSS engines. Another process we follow to ensure higher link indexing rate.


Subscription can be cancelled at any time. As long as you cancel before next month invoice is due, your paypal account will not be charged the following month.

Advanced Model Multi-Tiered Link Building

We build backlinks to your backlinks to rank your site high. Only imagine how powerful your tier 1 links will be if backed by tens of thousands of links pointing at them? More link popularity your tier 1 links will have, better link juice they will pass to your main site.

Rank your site high with our complete link building service packages.