Link Building Service Packages

We at SEOFocused Web Solutions of Canada, we realize the fact that every single site has its own unique link building need. Not all sites are in the same competitive market so the same link building campaign cannot be suitable for all sites. Keeping that in mind, we carefully crafted several link building packages that we believe will meet the need of almost all site owners.

You can select a package below that will meet your individual link building need. If you require more aggressive and bigger link building campaign, please contact us for a custom quote.

All of our link building service packages are tested to be Google Panda/Penguin compliant.

Detail explanation of each individual item can be found below the packages.

Services Package1 Package2 Package3 Package4 Package5
Directory Submision 100 300 500 1000 1000
Social Bookmarks 50 100 200 200 400
Web 2.0 Pages 1 3 5 10 20
Article Writing 1 3 5 8 16
Article Submission 1 x 350 3 x 350 5 x 350 8 x 350 16 x 350
Forum Profiles L1 50 200 500 2,000 4000
Forum Profiles L2 5,000 10,000 20,000
Wiki Links 150 150 300
EDU Links 25+ 50+ 100+
Link Indexing
RSS Feed
Individual Cost $106 $342 $728 $1127 $2219
One Time Cost $101 $299 $499 $699 $1442
Package Discount 5% 13% 32% 38% 45%


Individual cost is the cost of the items priced individually as you will find under Individual Services section. One time cost is your cost for the package.

Directory Submission

We manually submit your website to high quality link directories selecting the right categories.

Social Bookmarks

We bookmark your site to social bookmarking websites building social links for your site.

Web 2.0 Pages

We develop blog pages on high PR (page rank) web 2.0 properties with 100% unique copyscape passed content linking to your landing pages.

Article Writing

Search engine optimized unique 500 words content writing that we use for article directory distribution.

Article Submission

Your articles are submitted to 350 selected article submission sites.

Forum profile layer 1 (L1)

For package 1, 2 and 3, we will build the forum profile links for your main landing page(s). For package 4 and 5, we direct the large of links to the blog/web 2.0 pages, wiki article pages and EDU/GOV links that we build within the packages along with your main site. Idea is not to direct too many links to your main site at once that triggers an alarm for Google at the same time build some links to your backlinks to boost overall link popularity.

Forum profile layer 2 (L2)

For package 4 and 5, we build 5,000 - 10,000 forum profile links linking to your L1 profiles. This will ensure high index rate for your L1 profiles with Google and maximize the link popularity of L1 forum profiles. End result is multi-tiered link profiles which will not only look natural in the eyes of Google but will further increase your link popularity.

Wiki Links

We all know the popularity of Wikipedia! Following the fame of Wikipedia, many more wiki sites surfaced but not many online business owners are utilizing this beneficial link building method yet. Wiki sites are deemed as high authority sites because of its end user interaction option. Backlinks from dofollow wiki sites are extremely valuable and must be part of your link building campaign. 150 wiki links are created on 50 unique wiki sites with 3 links per page. We write a 100% unique SEO optimized article paying attention to your targeted search phrases and use that article to create links on wiki pages that will provide you relevant contextual backlinks.

EDU Links

EDU links are backlinks from educational websites (college, university) that are known as .EDU domains. Google values EDU sites as high authority sites for which links from these sites are very effective.

Link Indexing

We ping the built links to top pinging sites on a scheduled interval to ensure higher indexing. Most link building service providers will just build links but we do a lot of work on the background to make sure that your links do get indexed. After all, what good is a link if it is never found by Google?

RSS Feed

We build RSS feeds with your links and submit the feed to top RSS engines. Another process we follow to ensure higher link indexing rate.

Advanced Model Multi-Tiered Link Building

Above link building services are for site owners who are managing their own link building campaign. For fully managed and ongoing link building services, visit our monthly link building service page.