FaceBook Layouts: Custom FaceBook TimeLine Layout

Be among the first ones to adapt the new FaceBook TimeLine profile with a new custom facebook timeline layout.

A professional and custom facebook layout can get you more likes on your facebook fan page and prompt people to friend you very easily.

We custom design the facebook timeline banner as well as your profile image. We then blend these two designs into your profile in a way that the two designs seamlessly integrate to create one uniform design.

Take a look at our facebook profile and see how we blend in the profile image into the banner. Don't forget to like/friend us while you are there.


To learn what you can do with your facebook timeline profile, visit the facebook timeline about page by clicking the link below. Notice how the profile image and the background banner are two separate items but in our design, we blend the two items into one to make your profile more professional and appealing.


We will show you how to update your facebook profile with the new layout or if you prefer, we can update your profile with the new design at no extra cost.

Our Specialities:

  • Custom and professional profile image and banner design
  • Seamless integration
  • Get you more likes
  • Get you more friends
  • Promote your business

One Time Cost: $75