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Links from authority sites are valued more than links from sites without any authority or credibility with Google. Due to the higher authority educational and government sites have, it is the general perception that links from .EDU or .GOV sites worth more than links from regular sites.

There are lot of site owners who are interested in learning about how to get EDU backlinks or where to buy EDU backlinks. Unfortunately there are some opportunists who are taking advantage of the popularity of this link building method and selling spam links on EDU/GOV blogs by posting spam comments on those blogs. After Google Penguin update which is also known as web spam update, these types of spam comment links will penalize your sites so we suggest you to stay away from such link building practice.

We have mastered the art of finding EDU/GOV sites and building legitimate links on those sites for you. If you are looking to buy EDU backlink, you can stop your search now and pick from one of the packages below.

Our Specialities:

  • Legitimate EDU/GOV links from high authority sites
  • High PR links from PR1 - PR8 domains
  • 100% white hat method
  • Best Pricing

EDU/GOV Backlink Packages

Services Package1 Package2 Package3
EDU/GOV Links 25 50 75
Pagerank* PR1 - PR6 PR1 - PR7 PR1 - PR8
Tier 2 Wiki Links* 750
RSS Feed*
Timeframe 7 Days 7 Days 7 Days
One Time Cost $30 $50 $75

* We build links on high PR domains with root PR ranging from PR1 - PR8.
* We build additional 750 wiki links for package 3 linking to your main EDU links as well as to your website to give your primary EDU links a massive boost in link popularity.
* We build RSS feed from your links and submit that to RSS engines for higher link indexing.
* We ping all links to multiple pinging sites for higher link indexing.

Why should you try our EDU/GOV link building service?

Like all of our link building packages, our EDU/GOV backlinks are built using 100% white hat method. We not only build legitimate backlinks for you, we also make sure that you get the benefit from the links we build for which we build RSS feeds from the created links and ping all links to multiple pinging sites to ensure that you get the maximum index rate. Most of the link building service providers just build links and don't care whether they get indexed by Google or not. We take the extra step to make sure that Google crawls every single link we build for you so that you can get the maximum benefit from your link building campaign.